Colorado Wire & Cable is a proud distributor for Okonite’s world renowned CLX metal clad armored cable, cables used for instrumentation, control, low voltage cables, and medium voltage power cables 5kV & above.

Medium voltage power cables 5kV & above are used in commercial, industrial and electric utility applications. They are cost-effective, durable and easy to handle.  The most predominant insulating compounds used in medium voltage power cables are ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) and cross linked polyethylene (XLP).

These medium voltages power cables 5kV & above typically have a 105°C rating, but may change depending on the type of construction. It is always good to check your application to make sure the medium voltage cable you are installing meets the temperature rating requirement. These single and multiconductor cables include Okoguard non-shielded Okolon and Okoguard non-shielded Okoseal. They may be used in wet and dry locations, in raceways, messenger supported wiring, underground ducts and in cable tray.

Okonite is a leading manufacturer of the absolute highest quality insulated electrical wire and cable, including medium voltage power cables 5kV & above.  Founded in 1878, Okonite’s research, engineering and technologies have continually defined and redefined wire and cable for numerous industries, including electric utilities, railroads, air transport, rapid transit, chemical producers and refineries.

They are a trusted and reliable producer of many cables that are used in a multitude of applications. These wires are known as insulated medium voltages power cables 5vK & above. Two of the most notable early customers were Samuel F.B. Morse and Thomas A. Edison!

Based on shared philosophies and best practices, our partnership with Okonite is unmatched. Both companies were built upon rich histories where performance, achievement and legacies of service consistently exceed the expectations of both employees and customers. For more information about Okonite products, please contact us! Our professionals are waiting to assist you with your electrical cable needs.

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