Armored Cable

Armored cable is often used as a solution in industrial and harsh environments where a high level of wear-and-tear resistance is crucial. The welded and continuously corrugated sheath of aluminum armor protects the inner wiring of the cable and allows the cable to be used in electrical circuits, whether used for control, instrumentation, power or power signal. Additionally, the cables are frequently jacketed with silicone tube-covered, thermoplastic elastomer or PVC, which provides additional protection against sunlight, oil, chemicals, and repetitive impact.

Armored cable is available in a multitude of sizes, ranging from 10AWG to 750MCM.

Armored Electrical Cable Applications

Armored electrical cable is a standard in many industries including: food plants, metals, mining, transportation, chemical, petrochemical, and pulp & paper, among many others. When jacketed correctly, armored cable is permitted for use where there are corrosive fumes or vapors. It can also be directly buried in the earth, if the cable is listed and marked as such.

Additionally, armored cables are approved for use indoors or outdoors; for services, feeders, and branch circuits; for power, lighting, control, and signal circuits; and as aerial cable on a messenger.


Types of Armored Cables We Supply

Colorado Wire & Cable Co. Inc. sells a wide variety of armored and metalclad cables, specializing particularly in Okonite CLX cable. Please see the following list for your armored cable needs:

What Is Armored Cable

Armored, or metalclad, cable is comprised of four layers – wire, insulation, sheath, and jacket. Generally, there is a bundle of wires at the center, each insulated, surrounded by a welded and continuously corrugated metal sheath, and finally, a jacket. While some armored cable does not use a jacket, Colorado Wire & Cable primarily provides jacketed products because they are more resistant to corrosion and damage. The accompanying photo is an example of our custom-made Okonite CAT 5E CLX armored cable, which highlights each respective layer of jacketed armored cable.


Armored Ethernet Cable

Colorado Wire & Cable Co. Inc. supplies a custom-made armored Ethernet cable, created by Okonite. Our CAT 5E CLX (Belden #1583 24AWG, 4 pair) cable, pictured above, features a continuously corrugated aluminum shield, solid copper conductors, polyolefin insulation, and a blue PVC jacket. Using an armored Ethernet cable, such as the CAT 5E CLX, allows for protected communication across harsh environments, where risk of sunlight, oil, corrosion, and impact damage is high. Colorado Wire & Cable is the proud sole supplier of this cable in the United States.


Why use Armored Cable?

In an industrial setting, the benefits to using armored cable supplied by Colorado Wire & Cable are numerous. The primary advantage is certified protection against environmental factors typical of an industrial setting, such as an oil field or mining operation. Armored cable keeps communication and electrical cables secure during work that requires such a high level of reliability. Additionally, given that armored cable can be used and installed in many different places, its versatility makes it a valuable product. With a variety of gauge sizes, types of armored cable, and brands, Colorado Wire & Cable is sure to satisfy your company’s needs!

Colorado Wire & Cable Co. Inc. supplies only the highest quality armored electrical cable. Products that include, but are not limited to, Aluminum Interlocked Armor (AIC) and Okonite CLX® Metal Clad Armor meet or exceed all industry standards for composition, safety, tolerance and performance. Recommended for use in high traffic areas and locations where reliability is of critical concern.