264-60-5501Conductor Size AWG (Strands):  14(7x)

Number of Pairs:  1

Number of Triads:  –

Insulation Thickness -mils:  15/4

Jacket Thickness-mils:  45

Approx. O.D.-Inches:  .32

Approx Net Wt (lbx/M’):  75

Stranded copper conductors, Okoseal insulation, nylon jacket, color coded black/white, twisted into one pair or black/white/red triad or groups of pairs or triads, numeric print group identification, multiple groups assembled, aluminum/polyester shield and coated stranded copper drain wire, rip cord, Okoseal jacket.

For use on Class 1 Remote-Control and Signaling circuits or where a 600V cable is desired, as instrumentation, process control and computer cable, transmitting signals at levels above 100 millivolts, except in areas subject to abnormally high current or voltage interference such as proximity to large motors, generators and substations. Suitable for installation in wet or dry locations, may be installed in cable tray, rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, electrical metallic tubing, or other approved raceways. Authorized in Class I, Division 2 or Class II, Division 2 or Class III, Division 2 hazardous locations. Also for use as non power limited fired protective signaling cable (NPLF) per NEC Code 760. Meets UL-1277 and IEEE 383 vertical tray flame tests.