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Colorado Wire & Cable is the proud Rocky Mountain Region distributor for Okonite’s world renowned CLX metal-clad armored cable, cables used for instrumentation, control, low voltage cables to 2kV and medium voltage power circuits.

Okonite is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality insulated electrical wire and cable that includes low voltage cables, up to 2kV.  Founded in 1878, Okonite’s research, engineering and technologies have continually defined and redefined wire and cable for numerous industries, including electric utilities, railroads, air transport, rapid transit, chemical producers and refineries.

About Low Voltage Wire

Low voltage cables (up to 2kV) have a carrying capacity of 12- 24 volts (up to 50 volts) and are light-weight, easy to bend, and used in many residential homes. The purpose of these cables is to transmit electricity to household devices, such as speakers, phones, TVs, lights, HVAC systems, and other everyday appliances. Wires like those from your DVD player to your TV or your mouse to your computer are low voltage because they send under 50 volts from source to destination. These cables come with a jack, or port, that allows users to simply plug them into the device they wish to operate.

Low voltage cables to 2kV have a small gauge size (measured in American Wire Gauge or AWG) that will successfully conduct electrical current from start to end points. These cables are typically the size of a human hair and are sometimes bundled into a larger cable. Other times, they run as a single strand, such as in a center wire of a coaxial cable. For communications purposes, these cables are usually shielded, which means that part of the signal runs through a woven mesh of wire that surrounds the central wire or wires. The shield acts as a barrier against “noise,” or radio frequency interference, and prevents the integrity of the cable signal so that the function you are trying to accomplish goes uninterrupted.

At Colorado Wire & Cable, our partnership with Okonite remains unmatched. Both companies were built on rich histories where performance, achievement and legacies of service always exceed expectations. Contact one of our professionals today for more information.

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