Single conductor for airport lighting and control
8, 6 & 4 AWG/XLPE insulation/5KV


These are single conductor 5,000 volt nonshielded power cables suitable for L-824 underground installation for lighting at airports per FAA L-824 Type C and AC 150/5345-53 Appendix 3. They are rated for use at 90°C wet or dry conditions. FAA-L-824 cables are suitable for use in conduit, duct, aerial and direct burial installations


Soft drawn stranded bare copper per ASTM B3 and ASTM B8.


Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) 110 mil thick in accordance with NEC 310-6a and ICEA S-96-659. An optional separator tape under the insulation eases stripping.


Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program per AC150/5345-53 appendix 3 Underground Electrical Cable for Airport Lighting Circuits per spec L-824 ICEA S-96-659 (NEMA WC71) insulation eases stripping. FAA L-824 TYPE C ETL VERIFIED. FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-7E